BLACK FRIDAY Aftermath, Cats Return to Sleeping 70% of The Day November 29 2016, 0 Comments

What a week! All that holiday shopping over Black Friday must have left you and your kitties pretty sleepy! After all, holiday shopping can feel like a part-time job if you've got more family than you can count. 

Hopefully, you got the majority of your shopping done while the deals were hot! But if you're like me and leave all your shopping 'til the last minute, well, luckily for you (and me), if you haven't already done all your shopping ... we are extending our Black Friday sale!

But first, check out these cats who have about had it with holiday shopping already. They are absolutely tuckered out after the whirlwind of Thanksgiving feasting, catnapping, and waiting for you to get home from all the shopping. 

Here at Meowingtons HQ, we don't take many cat naps, but our cats do! 

1. This is what working from home looks like. 

2. So it is true, carbs do make you sleepy!

4. This looks like a comfy place for a nap.


5. Look I fit! Take me with you!


6. "I'm keeping it warm for the next Football Sunday. Down, set, nap!"


7. Honestly don't even blame this little guy, he looks super comfy! 

8. Comfy bed? Nah I will squeeze into this small bowl on the oven.

9. I am not hungry yet but I will be when I wake up, so I will protect this for later.

10. Yup, I have done this before too. Studying while awake is not easy!