Best BLACK FRIDAY Deals on Designer Cat Furniture! November 24 2021, 0 Comments

This Black Friday, say good-bye to carpeted cat trees that stick out like a sore thumb. Provide your cat with the ultimate playtime (and naptime) experience without sacrificing your home décor. Our three models of modern cat trees include: The Jungle Gym 2.0, The Mega Perch, and the Window Watcher Perch.

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A piece of art in your home:

The Mega Perch Cat Tree Tower - $280.00 $ 325.00

An innovation in modern cat furniture, each unique cat tower is a blend of cat-friendly engineering and aesthetic, designed to be more than just a cat tree: it is a piece of art in your home.

The Mega Perch Cat Tree Tower (pictured below) is crafted from 100% pine wood, with each perch platform is covered with a removable sisal scratchpad to encourage healthy scratching behavior. Our perches are designed for cats of all sizes and breeds.


Each tree is designed to satisfy your cat's needs to scratch, perch, play, and of course, cat nap! 

Our trees are crafted to appeal to your cat's natural instincts: scratch-able surfaces, high perches, and cozy hideaways hidden amongst streamlined design. Featuring accents such as stiff, heavy-duty felt pads and Sisal scratching mats, the trees offer durability - and easy cleaning with removable pads!  

The Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0 features five unique levels, each ideal for cats of all ages and abilities.

$375.00 $ 425.00

Tested by cats and their owners, our second iteration of this sleek, modern cat tree is better than ever with more scratching surfaces, lounging areas, and added platforms for easy accessibility - all with the same timeless elegance and high-quality wood construction.

The playpen is purr-fect for senior cats or those with limited mobility, who can curl up happily amongst the faux fur cushions.

High-quality materials at affordable prices: Window Watcher Perch Cat Tree. $255.00 $ 300.00

The trees are crafted from real wood to ensure ultimate durability and stability, foregoing the pressboard of most carpeted cat trees - at a price point that won't break the bank!  

Purrfect for multi-cat homes. 

Each tree is designed to hold cats up to 33 pounds, crafted to support multiple cats at once. 


Spoil your cat without ruining your aesthetic.