We Reviewed The Top Automatic Litter Boxes So You Don't Have To. September 20 2016, 7 Comments

Look at any cat owners last 100 photos on their cell phone, 70% of them are most likely of their cat. Ask them how they slept last night and they will tell you their cat kept them up all night...again.

But these are not the only things all cat owners can relate to. 

The dreadful litterbox. I can confidently say that is something NO one enjoys cleaning or smelling.  

Thinking of getting an automatic litterbox but can't decide which one? Here I will compare some of the leading automatic litterboxes with in-depth reviews and personal experience. 

1.The Cat Genie $209.99

Meowingtons automatic cat litter box review  

This one I have personally used with two cats. There is no smell when clean but when it cleans it gets really bad! All in all, it was a pretty good litter box and really really nice not having to scoop anything. But, I would probably get the Litter Robot if I was to get another automatic litter box. 

Pros: This is the only automatic litter box that involves zero clean up. The waste goes directly into the toilet and all you have to do is flush. 

Cons: The cleaning cycle smells up the room. It can get clogged and then you have to take it apart and clean it. You have to buy their brand litter and cleaning solution which is costly.   

2. Litter Robot III $499.00 

Meowingtons automatic cat litter box review  

We met these guys at CatCon 2016 in LA and they are really nice! The unit is really large in person but after reviewing these litterboxes this one seems to be the best. 

Pros: You don't need to buy supplies from the brand to operate, unlike the other brands. It works with any trash bag and litter brand. It is a simple design, therefore less troubleshooting. Up to 10 days without cleaning. 

Con: The size, it is really large compared to the other brands. 

3. Citi Kitty $26.00 

Meowingtons litter box review

I saw this on the TV show Sharktank ages ago and I got such a kick out of it. I actually ordered it and tried to train my psycho cat to use it. Long story short, it didn't work but I think if I was patient it could have.  If you have a guest bathroom you don't mind keeping off limits for humans for a while then I suggest you go for it! Really cats are much smarter than most people think. 

Pros: If you succeed in training you cat, your cat WILL BE ABLE TO USE A TOILET. Regardless of how cool that is, you will never have to scoop poop...ever again! Also major bragging rights. 

Cons: Takes some time and your bathroom will be covered in litter for a little while. Also while training it is common for the cats to act out and use the potty other places. 

4. Scoopfree Ultra $169.00

 Meowingtons automatic cat litter box review

I had a friend that is obsessed with this litter box. They keep it in the laundry room and I have never smelt anything when I walk in. 

Pros: Convenient disposable tray system. Change tray every 10-20 days. 

Con: Can get expensive to replace the trays. 

5. Pet Zone Smart Scoop $119.00

 Meowingtons automatic cat litter box review

I had one similar to this one a few years back and I was not very impressed.

Pros: Quiet. Pretty simple clean up. No expensive litter, cartridges, or trays. High sided walls.

Cons: If the cat uses the same spot twice that area of the waste compartment gets full fast. It is a pretty large litter box, not ideal for a small space. 


The Litter Robot III is the most expensive BUT the best bet. Yes, it is expensive but all the other models have issues & add-ons that will eventually cost you the same! But if you can train your kitty to use the potty then I tip my hat to you. 

Happy scooping!