A Cat's Guide to CYBER MONDAY November 29 2019, 0 Comments

Being bombarded by all these sales, it can be difficult to tell what you should buy, or when. But these cats are here to tell you that Cyber Monday is the way to go. Cyber Monday isn't just for buying new technology - here on Meowingtons, this huge sale has gone to the cats (and cat people!)
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These cats are here to help guide you through what to do and what to buy. If you know what's best, you'll take the advice of these savvy feline shoppers!

Comfort is key!

Black Friday is all about long lines and shopping til 4 am. Uh, no thanks, humans, I'll pass! Us cats much prefer Cyber Monday, as taking naps in between shopping sprees is very important to us.



Snacks are a must.

You need to stay energized! Make sure you always have something at hand to snack on, and also a few kitty treats for me, too. Napping on your keyboard takes a lot of hard work and burns a lot of calories!

Also, while you are at it ... I wouldn't mind trying some of this cat wine. The tabby from two doors down says it's what all the house cats are drinking these days. And, hey, we can drink together this weekend! It would be great! 



If you see a deal - POUNCE! 

There's no time to wait! If you see a good deal, wiggle your booty just like I do whenever I see that red dot ... and then POUNCE!

Dress to impress (me, the cat). 

Okay, human, so I don't love dressing up in these costumes. But I sure do love the attention. And the treats. That's right. Treats. Because I will need treats in exchange for wearing these costumes.  But, you know, they're so cheap with all the sweet, sweet Cyber Monday sales, you might as well buy one or two for a rainy day. (But seriously - don't forget the tuna.)  



Treat yourself.

If you really need to get yourself something too instead of spending all your hard-earned money to make me, your precious angel cat, very happy, I suggest something like this cat ring that kind of looks like me.



That way, when you pet other cats, they know of my existence. And they know you're my human! Or treat yourself to some Pearl Cat Earrings, those are nice. They're not as cute as me, but, they're pretty (also like me)!


pearl cat earrings cat jewelry


There you have it, folks! Some real cat advice straight from the cat's mouth. Take it or leave it, Happy Cyber Monday!