A Cat's Guide to Cyber Monday November 26 2016, 2 Comments

With all these sales it is hard  to tell what you should buy, or when. If you didn't already spend your money on Black Friday, then get ready for the greatest sales yet with Cyber Monday! These cats are here to help guide you through what to do and what yo buy. If you know what is best, you should take these cats advice. 
Comfort is key, Black Friday is all about long lines and shopping til 4am. Cats prefer Cyber Monday, as taking naps between buying things is very important to us.
Look here human, you buy enough stuffs for you. It is time to log on to Meowingtons and get me some new toys
Also, while you are at it... I wouldn't mind trying some cat wine. We can drink together this weekend! It would be great! 
I don't LOVE dressing up in these costumes, but I sure do LOVE the attention. And they are so cheap with all the discounts, you might as well buy one or two for a rainy day. 
Ok, if you NEED to get yourself something too, I suggest something like this ring. That way when you pet other cats, they know of my existence. Or some Pearl Cat Earrings, those are nice. 
There you have it! Some real cat advice. Take it or leave it, Happy Cyber Monday!