5 Ways To Celebrate Singles’ Day With Your Cat

Here's how to celebrate Singles' Day without any human interaction.

You might be wondering, what is Singles' Day? November 11 - or 11.11 - has been named Singles' Day because the four ones in the date signify one's single status. Singles' Day is all about bucking the status quo and celebrating what it means to be single. Couples can keep Valentine's Day, singles have got their own day, now! It is a fun-filled day of self-indulgence (and just a pinch of self-depreciation).

Singles' Day is here to help remind your single self that independence is important. Just take a page from your cat's book: you don't need anyone but you to be happy. And maybe your cat. So if you're single and you know it, here are 10 ways to celebrate 11.11 with your cat! 


1. Have a spa day. 

Whether a spa day means getting a mani and pedi for you or a nice massage for your kitty,  just take the day to spoil yourself and your favorite feline - whatever that may mean to you.


2. Share a glass of wine with your cat.

It's not drinking alone if you're with your cat! And now your cat can actually share a glass of wine with you with Pinot Meow Cat Wine!  While you indulge in a glass of Pinot Noir, your kitty cat can happily indulge in a glass of wine themselves with this non-alcoholic wine for cats made of organic catnip, water, sea salt, organic beets. And if they prefer something lighter? Try MosCATo!   
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3. Catflix and chill (the wine). 

If you're the type that likes to stay in snuggle on the couch with your cat, then do just that. Remember - you're single. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to!Well, that's not completely true. You pretty much have to do anything your cat wants you to do. Have you tried saying no to a cat? Good luck with that. 

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You've earned it. With the holidays fast approaching, you've not doubt dealt with the same old questions, "Who are you bringing to Thanksgiving dinner?" You've earned a treat. Find something that shines as bright as you! That's pretty hard to do, honestly, but a sparkly pair of earrings or a new necklace might just do the trick. 



Who has been there for you throughout all your days of singledom? Who has tolerated cuddles when you're binging those romcoms on Netflix? Who's judged your swiping choices on Tinder over your shoulder but let you make your own choices because you're a strong, independent human? Your cat, that's who. They deserve something special on this day of Singles (if you ask them). 


Keep calm and hug your cat. When in doubt, remember: You're never alone when you have a cat! They love you for you, just the way you are (or something). 



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