26 Cats Who Are Getting Cozy In The ... Sink? August 24 2016, 6 Comments

If you have a cat, you know they like to sleep in strange ways/places. You buy them a bed and they sleep in your flower pots. Thats alright, because it is cute to see them in strange places. Is it possible to be mad at a cat?  I think not.

Here are some cats who took to the sink of all places, I mean... why not? 

1. Camouflage cat in sink


2. Dramatic cat in sink


3. Cat who really doesn't think you deserve this sink

4. Lounging cat in sink

5. Quartet of cats in sink


6. All of the cats in sink


7. Cat who doesn't understand the sink


8. Sleepy cat in sink


9. Cat who got lost in the sink


10. Cat who IS the sink

11. Sassy cat in sink


12. Curious cat in sink


13. Cat who OWNS the sink


14. Overeager cat in sink


15. Super chill cat in sink


16. Cat who's too big for the sink


17. Cat who does not care what you do, he will NEVER leave this sink


18. Smug cat in sink


19. Cuddling cats in sink


20. Triumphant cat in sink


21. Cat who found a way to fit in this weird sink


22. Possessive cat in sink


23. Cat who WILL figure out how to use this sink


24. Sneaky cat in sink


25. Cat who ACTUALLY knows how to use a sink


26. And of course, cat under the sink — because sometimes sinks are just too much.