15 Irrefutable Reasons Cats Are The Best Creatures On Earth May 16 2016, 0 Comments

1. Cats are the best and it’s obvious to most of us why, but just in case: LOOK AT THIS FACE.

2. Because cats deeply understand your need for sleep and let you know it’s a-ok to stay in bed a little longer.

3. A hug from a cat is like receiving a blessing from a tiny furry saint.

4. Cats are more than capable of expressing every emotion you need, which is why all emojis should just be cats.

5. Your work-life balance is very important to your cat.

6. Cats just want to relax, and we could all take a page from their book

7. But when it’s time to party, cats know how to get down responsibly.

8. They’re also excellent actors.

9. There’s a reason why cats are associated with cool awesome wonderfulness.

10. Because cats honestly just have life figured out.

11. Even when they’re causing trouble, they’re cute.

12. Hell, even when they’re murderous tiny devils, they’re cute.

13. Hell, we should make a cat the president. Why not?!

14. COINCIDENCE? I think not.

15. Sweet dreams, kitty lovers. We’re so lucky to share a planet with these little dudes.