12 Cats Who Should Have Been Models May 06 2016, 2 Comments

We all think our OWN cats are model-worthy. But some cats just have what it takes, here are a few that have the blue steel gaze down to a science.


1. "This is my 'come hither' gaze."


2. "This pose highlights my more thoughtful and sensitive side."


3. "I said no more dry food!"


4. "Oh, hello. I didn't see you there."




6. "Careful — try not to get singed by my sultriness."


7. "Don't be intimidated by the fact that my worst day is still prettier than your best day."


8. "Here's my 'casual gentleman-caller' pose."


9. "I may be beautiful, but I'm also very intellectual."


10. "Look, Human. Look at these shapely legs."


11. "It really isn't easy being this handsome."


12. "... I'm sorry, but I did not agree to work with this amateur."