18 Cats Who Think They Found The Perfect Spot June 11 2015, 1 Comment

Have you ever heard the term, 'if it fits, I sits' ? Cats coined that term many many meow years ago, and it is still clear why today. Here are some photos of cats who just love to be comfy in strange places.

1. "Mmm yes, this was clearly made for me."

2. "I'm the total package."

3. "This shoe fits me perfectly. I guess I'm a size 7."

4. "No, I don't think this box is too small. I think it's just right."

5. "I'm comfy! You can find somewhere else to put your soda."

6. "This is the best road trip ever."

7. "I don't know what you were planning to put in this basket, but I'm here now."

8. "What do you mean it looks uncomfortable?"

9. "You're thirsty? But this is my bed now ... "

10. "I'm a tree. Watch me photosynthesize."

11. "I'm a circle cat ... so this is perfect for me."

12. "This has a picture of a kitten on it, so it must be a kitten-holder, right?"

13. "Oh, you're trying to make dinner? I'm still not going to move."

14. "Fruit bowl? I think you mean cat bowl ... "

15. "Thank you for getting me this weird new hidey-hole."

16. "You can't see me. I'm not here."

17. "It's a me-sized hole."

18. "I'm a delicious cat cake."