3 Simple Ways to Better Cat Cuddles January 10 2017, 3 Comments



1. The cat sets the agenda.

When you come home after a hard day at work (or a moderate day, or even a great day), there is no joy like that the first touch of Mr Kitty will give you. He passes by, and all at once, the emotional charge can seem overwhelming: you notice the delicate ears, the communicative tail, and if you are most fortunate- the glory itself- a turned up belly of fuzz.


Just reacting alone, you may want to jump in for the end game, a pile of cuddling, but you know that Mr Kitty may not have the same plans. Take your time in the approach, and let Mr Kitty set the tone.


2. Mirror the cat’s communication


Once you have approached Mr Kitty with his energy in mind, he will be ready to respond more freely. Just as with a human, observe the behaviors Mr Kitty will make, and begin to mirror them. If he slows his movements, you can repeat.


When you two feel more aligned, you will notice that subtle things you do are reflected by Mr Kitty. Follow the pace. At a point of synergy, you may notice that Mr Kitty is taking cues right back from you.


3. Detailed Petting


Once Mr Kitty is fully receptive, he will let you know he is ready for some love. Many cats develop favorite spots to be touched, and he will direct you as to where you go. This also means he may not want to be pet where you want to pet (that belly will have to wait).


Places that are out of Mr Kitty’s reach (behind the ear, under the chin) or that have a large number of tactile receptors (get at those cheeks) often provide Mr Kitty the most pleasure, and after all, it is for his pleasure that gives you most pleasure. Please Mr Kitty

Written By: Dylan Denmark