25 Faces Every Cat Owner Will Immediately Recognize May 06 2015, 2 Comments

Oh cats, they are interesting little creatures, aren't they? We will never be able to decode what is going on in those little heads of theirs. 

For now, we can guess. Here are some of the faces we know and love so much.

1. The “I Don’t Know What That Is, But I Can’t Look Away” Face

2. The “Oh, Shit! Where Did You Just Come From?!?!” Face

3. The “Man, It Is HARD Sleeping For 13 Hours A Day” Face

4. The “You’re Lucky I Love You, Otherwise Your Hand Would Be Toast” Face

5. The “Thank God You’re Finally Home! I Was Getting Scared I’d Never Eat Again” Face

6. The “I’ve Never Been Less Impressed With You In My Life” Face

7. The “Your Elaborate Getup Is Boring Me” Face

8. The “What Do You Mean I’m Doing Something Cute?” Face

9. The “I Can’t Even See It, But I Know I Want It” Face

10. The “Why Would You Do This To Me? I Thought You Loved Me” Face

11. The “See What That Guy’s Doing? Now That’s How You Give A Bath” Face

12. The “Whatever Is Happening Right Now… So Not Cool” Face

13. The “Dreaming Of Endless Tuna” Face

14. The “This Is No Longer Yours, It Is Mine” Face

15. The “You Couldn’t Possibly Be Serving My Dinner Any Slower” Face

16. The “You Know How You Said I’m Not Allowed On The Sofa? Well, Fuck You” Face

17. The “Hey, If You’re Not Gonna Finish That, I’ll Gladly Take It Off Your Hands” Face

18. The “I Know You Said It Had To Be Done, But I Didn’t Think It Would Suck This Bad” Face

19. The “Excuse Me, I’m In The Middle Of Something Here” Face

20. The “You Just Touched Me, THAT’S Why I’m Cleaning Myself Again” Face

21. The “No, I Wasn’t Thinking Of Eating Your Dinner” Face

22. The “This Is Officially The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Smelled In My Life” Face

23. The “Can I Live?” Face

24. The “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” Face

25. And the “As Soon As This Thing Is Off My Back, We’re Having A Long Talk” Face