12 Cat Burglars Who Got Caught On Camera May 01 2015, 0 Comments


1. "I prefer the terms 'serial borrower' or 'regifter.'"

Dusty ventures out while the neighbors are sleeping and picks up items from their houses to bring home as gifts. This time he gets caught in the act, and earns himself the rightful nickname of "Klepto Kitty."


2. "Fall asleep already so I can steal this cool toy."

While Shorty naps, Kodi crawls off with her favorite toy.

3. "What, no anchovies? Rude!"

Aurora already knows that behind the computer is the best hiding spot in the room. (Don't worry — she didn't actually eat any of the pizza!)

4. "Sorry, pal. I've caught you hook, line and sinker."

Now that's what we call the catch of the day.

5. "Oh no, were you playing with this straw that's now mine?"

Pinky the kitten pounces on Chloe's newest chew toy, a pink plastic straw. Poor Chloe.

6. "This is my bread, for I am the Bread King."

Mickey loves to show off when he pilfers a loaf.

7. "What's yours is mine, right?"

Oscar admires Kimicat's taste in food.

8. "I've gotta sample these treats the dog loves so much."

Bonkers the kitten goes all-out to get his paws on some of the dog's snacks.

9. "I just have a thing for liverwurst, OK?"

10. "It's got a paw on it, so that means it's mine, right?"

Yep, Nikita gets a kick out of swiping at the doormat under the door. And it's a-door-able.

11. "Umm ... would you believe I have an evil twin?"

Sometimes you gotta face the mew-sic.


12. "As if you'd make a list of famous cat burglars without me! I'm tutumuch."