15 Cats Who Are NOT In Love With The Baby April 29 2015, 0 Comments

1. "WHY did you keep her?"

2. "Is it on me? I feel like it's on me."

3. "Where are you taking me this time?"

4. "I'm not coming in until it's gone."

5. "You did NOT tell me this was happening."

6. "I'm cuter. Never forget I'm cuter."

7. "Rub my belly, not the baby's belly. MY BELLY."

8. "I can't figure out what it ... IT MOVED!"

9. "I don't like what's happening. I don't like it at all."

10. "It's so small and ... hairless."

11. "I'm going to be honest here, this tiny human doesn't smell great."

12. "I like food too. Feed me first."

13. "It's a chair, right? I can just sit on it?"

14. "Someone get this weird hairless kitten off me!"

15. "Leave me! Save yourselves."