10 Smug Cats Who Know They're Actually In Charge April 27 2015, 1 Comment

1. "Fetch me more Fancy Feast, Human!"


2. "Oh, you were working on this puzzle? That's a shame."


3. "Welcome to the fortress. Cat meetings are by appointment only. You may wait in the lobby with the toilet paper I stole from the bathroom."


4. "Do not interrupt my plotting, Human."


5. "... Um, I'm sorry, did I SAY you could bask in my presence?"


6. "This is my throne now. Please go elsewhere for your weird human needs."


7. "Surely you didn't think I would sit in just ANY old bowl, did you?"


8. "Don't go to sleep yet, Human — my stomach requires more treats."


9. "I suppose this bed will do just fine. You may leave me now."


10. "Don't be rude, Human. I think you and I can both agree that this pot pie belongs in my belly."