12 Truths All Cat Owners Have Come To Accept April 28 2015, 2 Comments

1. Your sink is basically just another sofa bed. 


2. The Dog is not in charge. 


3. "Mischief" takes on a whole new meaning when felines are involved


4. Selfies are now a group activity.


5. There IS such a thing as a post-meal snack. 


6. Computers are not for work, they are for warming. 


7. Sometimes you have to just let them sit and think about cat stuff. 


8.  There is nothing more sacred than "Stare Out The Window" time. Do not disturb.


9. A box will always be more appealing than an expensive toy ... 


10. ... The same goes for fancy beds. 


11. Sleeping can actually be an all-day activity. 


12. Most important of all: you know you will never find a more entertaining or snuggly companion.