13 Cats Who Don't Have A Catnip Problem April 22 2015, 0 Comments

1. "Oh, is it afternoon already? Well, better luck tomorrow then."

2. "Hey, a mouse! You'd better run. Or not. Whatever."

3. "Relax, bro. You'll clean it up later, I swear."

4. "Hmm. What are these? OH MY."

5. "Nap attack."

6. "Help yourself, man. There's plenty of 'nip to go around."

7. "You're home?! I mean, uh, welcome home!"

8. "I rhyme with so many words: at, bat, chat, fat, flat, hat, mat, nat, oat, pat, qat, rat, sat..."

9. "You. Yes, you. Where do you keep the canned food?"

10. "Oh. Hey. So, I found the catnip."

11. "What an awesome day to be a cat and stuff."

12. "Score."

13. "Whoa. How'd you get on the ceiling?"