12 Cats Who Are Secretly Superheroes August 09 2016, 7 Comments

If your cat is anything like mine, it's weird. Doing strange things to make your humans laugh is part of being a cat, right? Not really, they aren't trying to make us giggle but it works. 

Here are some cats doing things that make them look like superheroes, sure to make you smile.

1. "Someone's in trouble! My Kitty Senses are tingling!"


2. "I must fly to the rescue!"


3. "During the day, I'm disguised as a mild-mannered house cat ... "


4. " ... By night I am Super Cat, protector of the innocent! And lover of plastic bags!"


5. "My super-powered sun forcefield protects me from harm. And keeps me toasty."


6. "Using mental powers and intense focus, I can move things with my mind ... "


7. " ... Orrrr sometimes that doesn't work and I have to use my paw."


8. "I can become elastic at a moment's notice."


9. "I have the ability to leap tall beanbags in a single bound! Well, sort of."


10. "I plan my missions here, in my fortress of solitude. This is also where I hide shredded toilet paper."


11. "No matter what, I will always bring lawbreakers (and food-stealers) to justice!"


12. "No need to thank me, ma'am. All in a day's work!"