13 Secret Cat Conferences, Interrupted April 14 2015, 0 Comments

1. "Just keep walking, Human. Nothing to see here."

2. "Um. It's called Nippers ANONYMOUS for a reason."

3. "We've been caught!"

4. "Wait — I thought you said this line was secure."

5. "Good. You're here. We've decided you're no longer a drummer."

6. "Hey guys. The meeting's over. She's back."

 7. "Sorry. Cats only."

8. "Yeah, great 'secret' meeting place, Carl."

9. "You're home early."

10. "You saw nothing. You heard nothing. Understood?"

11. "As a matter of fact, we WERE just discussing you."

12. "We're getting a few things settled here. We'll get to you next."

13. "Psst ... 'Meow'."