12 Cats Who Are Breaking Into Houses — Doll Houses, That Is May 13 2015, 1 Comment

Here's hoping Barbie and Ken aren't allergic.

1. "Okay ... the brochure made it seem like it would be larger."




3. "I am SO OVER Doric columns!!"


4. "Hmm. I wonder where they keep the treats in here?"

5. "Sorry, Barbie. This is MY bed, now."


6. "Hello. Welcome to my balcony."


7. "Do you mind? I'm making dinner!"


8. "Ew. This chandelier has GOT. TO. GO."


9. "You kids stay off my lawn! ... Er, carpet!"


10. "Ugh, ok, WHO needs this many clothes?"


11. "Find somewhere else to play, Tiny Human. This is my new residence."


12. " ... Trying to fit into my new house is kind of exhausting."