12 High-Brow Cats Who Think They're Smarter Than You April 21 2015, 0 Comments

1. "I'd explain 'Moby Dick' to you — but I don't have time before today's graduate committee meeting."


2. "This is an immensely interesting historical tome. I mean, not that you'd know."


3. "Next time, buy me a book I haven't already read. NINE times."


4. "I would prefer to be undisturbed in my scholarly pursuits. Thnx."


5. "I'm researching the philosophical conception of Being ... Being-On-All-Your-Books."


6. "You haven't gathered your secondary sources yet? I can't say I'm surprised … "


7. "No, I guess you wouldn't know it's National Poetry Month."


8. "My work is never really done. I'm just resting my eyes."


9. "Wrong, Wittgenstein. Wrong."


10. "This book was pretty good — but its entire premise is incorrect. LOL."


11. "What if no one understands my dissertation?!"


12. "Of course you can borrow 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.' I'll be done around NEVER."