Tokyo's Kitty Cat Nightclub August 11 2015, 18 Comments

A cat nightclub has opened in Japan, based on the same model as the popular Kitty Cafés that have become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s the first of its kind, and it. is. awesome.

cat nightclub 1

The club is called Neko, which is Japanese for cat, and is set in a large warehouse space in downtown Tokyo.

kitten nightclub 1

Much like cat cafés, Neko will allow cats to roam free in specific “pet play areas” that will have a reduced noise level adjusted for the cats’ comfort. There will be three areas set aside for cats complete with comfy seating, scratching posts, and catnip dispensers, and they will be located near the club’s main room and terrace.

cat club 1

“Think of these areas like chill out rooms,” Managing Director Tuki Yabe told the Tokyo Baka. “Our clubbers can alternate between dancing to world class DJs and hanging out with our pet cats. As a lifelong electronic music fan and dedicated animal lover, I thought this would be the perfect mix for the perfect club in Tokyo.”

cat club 2

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will feature curated line-ups, and Sundays will be dedicated to ambient music, so that the cats can roam freely in the entire club.

kitty club 2