13 Things Your Cat Experiences on Easter April 06 2015, 0 Comments

1. Your cat wakes up on Easter to find multiple new beds to curl up in!

2. But you can't resist. You start carrying them around like a purse which obviously disturbs their well needed cat nap. 

3. We then take the baskets away to fill them with goodies for our human children and begin getting ready for church, which obviously includes the cat. 

4. Despite his or her protests, we insist they go to church. 

6. At first they are cooperative, but quickly get bored and fall asleep...

7. Finally, Easter mass is over and you all pile in the car to go home. Your cat can't wait to claim a basket for a midday nap but you decide their sleepy state is perfect for a quick introduction.

8. Your kitty is surprisingly agreeable because they can smell the Easter dinner cooking and don't want to ruin their appetite...

9. You tell them it's too early for another nap and announce that it's time to take part in the Easter egg hunt. 

10. Kitty gets excited and finds more eggs than all your human kids, stealing the chocolate eggs they obviously can't have...Despite their excitement, you are forced to confiscate the chocolate.

11. But as all good parents do, you planned ahead of time and reward your baby's cooperation by presenting them with this: 

12. After you have sedated them with kitty-cat treats, you get your chance to enforce a photo shoot! 


13. And after snapping a picture like this, you finally let your cat take that nap, because it's just that good!

 Happy Easter to all of our kitties that we get to dress up as bunnies for the day : )