19 Cats Who Really, Really Can’t Stand Easter April 03 2015, 1 Comment

1. This cat has big plans for your nice furniture later on.

2. This kitty is plotting his vengeance as we speak.

3. This cat wants to remind you that he knows where you live.

4. This cat wants you to know exactly where you can shove this hat.

5. This guy thinks you may not quite understand what a hat even is.

6. This little dude asks that you at least get him ears that fit correctly.

7. This cat may make you pay for this.

8. This little guy honestly just wishes you'd like him the way he is.

9. This kitty is playing along with this for now, and is totally going to vomit in your clothes later : )

10. This cat would rather be forced to hang out with the dog.

11. This dude would like to point out that he needs his actual ears available for hearing, thanks.

12. This cat honestly just doesn’t understand why you do the things you do.

13. This guy is quietly thinking: “Really, owner? REALLY?”

14. This kitty has had it up to here with your crap.

15. This cat really needs a drink.

16. This kitty just learned that you’ve put this picture on the internet. For everyone to see.

17. This guy thinks you need to rethink some of your choices.

18. This cat reeeeeaaaalllly wishes you would learn some basic photoshop instead.

19. And this kitty is resigned to his fate, and is at least going to try and use this situation to get more treats.