11 Kitties Who Are Totally In Love With Their Humans December 09 2016, 5 Comments

Cats are often given a bad rep. They are known to care less about humans. Although it is true they can be aloof, every once in a while, they surprise you with some kitty love. That lack of attention from your cat is what makes it so great when they do decide to sit on your lap. Any cat owner knows that although they don't act like it, their cat loves them too. 

Perhaps this is why cats have grown in popularity recently. Before I lived with a cat, I did not care much for them. But I am convinced that once you get to know a cat, you have no control over it anymore, you will shortly love cats too. Now, you may not turn into a crazy cat lady like I have, but the chances are...if you are reading this, it's too late. You are a crazy cat person. Welcome to the club! 

Here are some heart melting photos of cats caught in the act of actually showing their love to humans! 

1. 'I don't tell you this enough human, but...I ruv you'

2. 'Oh you sit here? Me too.'

3. 'Me so happy you are home, plz don't leave me again'


5. I wish my cat would gaze into my eyes like this one does! 

6. Even if they are a little needy sometimes, we love it all. 

7. I am just going to sleep here til I look cute enough for you to get off the warm thing & snuggle me'

8. Honestly, what is better? 

9. This is the heart-melting part I was telling you about. 

10. 'MY human."

11. Does you cat do this? It's a good sign!