10 Ways your Life Changes Once You Get a Cat. September 07 2016, 1 Comment

Cats have a way of showing up in your life and stealing your heart. It doesn't matter if you found them on the street, your friend's cat had babies, or if you went out and adopted a little fur-baby. One thing is certain, you love that little bundle of joy and it acts like it doesn't know you unless they want something. Lucky they often want something (food) so you can pretend they are saying something other than 'FEED ME MEOW'. 

Here are some ways your life will change once you adopt a cat into your home. 

1. You don't need an alarm clock anymore, your cat will make sure you are up and ready for work ! 

2. Also, friends are no longer necessary, our cat understands you better anyways. 


3. You won't be needing a TV anymore, cats are the best form of entertainment. Also, they love to sit real close which makes it hard to watch.

4. Your house will feel more like a home. 

meowingtons cosy cat

5. You'll never be lonely.


6. Rats, bugs, and other unwanted creatures are a thing of the past! Well, they are dead now at least. 



7. Boxes will never go to waste! The expensive beds you buy for them will. 

8. You will spend the rest of your days defending cats to dog people who 'hate  cats' but have never owned one. Because everyone knows once you live with a cat you can't help but love them. 

9. Dating someone who is allergic/doesn't like cats is just a deal breaker. 

10. Every birthday, holiday, and anniversary people will get you things from Meowingtons.com and you won't be mad about it!