Dramatic Footage: Fireman Saves Kitten From Burning Home March 24 2015, 2 Comments

One of our favourite videos includes a kitten and a firefighter...what more could a girl ask for?

Check out this video that captures this heartwarming viral footage of a firefighter saving a kitten from a burning home. 

Cory Kalanick, a Fresno firefighter wearing a GoPro camera, enters a smoke filled home in which he finds an unconscious kitten. The footage included below, captures Kalanick entering the burning home's living room where he spots a seemingly lifeless kitten on the ground. 

The dramatic video proceeds to show this animal-loving firefighter attempting to resuscitate the unconscious kitten. The heartwarming footage captures kitten, Lucky, regain consciousness due to this Cali firefighter's valiant efforts. Kalanick massaged the kitten for over half an hour, used an oxygen mask intended for a small child, and an entire tank of oxygen to revive her. 

Although Lucky sadly passed away at an emergency vet shortly after, the video highlights the importance of pet oxygen masks, immediate emergency response, but most importantly human compassion for our beloved furry babies.

After this video went viral, emergency pet kits carried by emergency response personnel saw an increase. We want to share this video with you to remind you to make disaster plan preparations that include your beloved pets.

Please take a second to educate yourself by clicking here to get top tips from the Humane Society. Allocate a portion of your yearly donations to ensuring that your city's emergency personnel is equipped to saving your pets in cases of emergency.

RIP Lucky. We miss you, but know you were in loving hands!