What Cats Really Think of Celebrities May 31 2016, 4 Comments


1.'God...I hope we never break up..' - T Swift's Cat.

Taylor swift cat meowingtons


2. 'Yes cat scarfs are all the rage this season, I am so in right meow' -Michael J Fox's Cat.

taylor swift and cat

3. 'Oh look the human has made another toy! Shocker! She should get a life..she is always home crafting...' -Martha Stewarts Cats.

Martha swewart cat meowingtons


5. 'Morgan would you mind moving? They can't see my tail in this shot and I am having a good hair day.' -Morgan Freeman's cat.

Morgan Freeman cat meowingtons

6. 'My hoomin is the best hoomin" -David Bowie RIP

David Bowie cat meowingtons

7. 'Hoomin look alive! You're ruining the shot' -Nicolas Cage's Cat.

nicolas cage cat meowingtons

8. 'Get your naked body off of me hoomin! I spent hours this morning cleaning!!' -Madonna's Cat

madonna cat meowingtons

9. 'Grease Lightning gooooo grease lightning...ugh he keeps getting that song stuck in my head..' - John Travolta's Cat.

John Travolta cat meowingtons

10. 'Shouldn't I be riding the horse? I am the star of this show...' -Salem (Melissa Joan Heart)

Melissa Joan Heart cat meowingtons