Condiments For Your Cat! March 03 2015, 5 Comments

Everyone has their favourite condiment - your cat should too!

We are not the only species that want a little variety. Let's face it, eating the same meal everyday sounds as unappealing as dry kibble. Petchup, an innovative pet food company, came up with a nutritional additive to your cat's daily meal. They pride themselves on “high grade, human-grade” ingredients with real benefits for your feline friend. Meowstard and Catchup each contain a blend of 10 vitamins and minerals made with natural food grade ingredients, steering away from genetically engineered ingredients that could harm your furry babies.

Add one tablespoon of the salmon or turkey flavoured topping to treat your cat to a little variety that are both beneficial and delicious (to them). I don't know about you, but a hotdog, burger, and sandwich are never the same without mustard or ketchup, so pick up a bottle or two for your kitty to enjoy. To learn more, visit