9 Cats Being Mean to Their Furry Siblings February 19 2015, 4 Comments

Us cat lovers tend to chat a lot about how sweet our cats are - and though they may be very sweet with us, they have a reputation for their catty attitudes towards the other furry members of the family. 

1. They are ruthless thieves

2. They claim a part of the house and watch for intruders....sharing the stairs is not an option

3. They get mad when they are in the way of others.

4. And are known to be overly greedy.

5. Cats don't know how to play nicely..

6. And are quick to snap.

8. But every so often they are really sweet to their furry siblings, and their catty behaviour is instantly forgiven and forgotten.

9. Because honestly....how could you not when they do something this cute: