Your Cat is Never Sorry for Getting in Your Way February 12 2015, 0 Comments

Happy Thursday! Getting through the week can be a tad difficult at times, and these kitties don't seem to make it any easier - though they do make it cuter...

1. You wake up this morning - not to your alarm, but to your cat doing this

2. You get up to go to the washroom and find your kitty waiting for you. 

3. You finally shou her away...but somehow she finds her way back 

4. You finally make it to the kitchen to start your breakfast routine and you walk in to find her on the counter 

5. After asking her to get down, she compromises:

6. You are too tired to fight with her, so you go ahead and begin your breakfast routine. Shortly after popping in some toast you notice she's moved to a new spot. 

7. After breakfast, you head back to your room to get dressed. You get a feeling someone is watching and you look up to find her creeping.

8. You've had breakfast, gotten dressed, and have a little time to spare - So, you turn the TV on while you sip your morning coffee. However, you have to watch TV like this:

9. Time to head out the door! You go to grab your stuff...but it looks like someone really doesn't want you to go. 

10. After wrestling her for your belongings, you give her a kiss and head out for the day. Eight hours later, you walk through the door to find that she's been waiting for you: But now she's too comfortable to let you pass by. 

11. You tip toe around her without even thinking about it, because let's face it - she runs shit. You settle in for the night and decide to get started on some chores. First, you tackle the laundry piling up..

12. You soon give up on folding because your little princess is in the way. You go to the kitchen to start on the dishes you've been meaning to get to....Looks like she got there first. After hesitating for a second you decide she looks comfortable: so, you take a rain check on the dirty dishes.

13. You plop down on the couch to relax for the remainder of the evening and she resumes her position. don't argue, because you know you'll lose. 

14. Finally, it's time for you to go to bed and she's not far behind.

Tomorrow is Friday!