Cats Who Camp. May 12 2016, 0 Comments

Who says dogs get to have all the fun? These cats go on wild adventures with their hoomins and look adorable while they do. 

1. But really.. this cat has been to cooler places than you.

2. Nothing beats fresh fish! Nom Nom.

3. Just because I am good looking doesn't mean I don't enjoy the simple things. Like taking my hoomin on a hike. 

4. This cat quit his job to go backpacking around the world.

5. Sometimes they get sick of walking, so they make their hoomin carry them. 

6. These cats even have their own tent. 

7. If you think cats are light packers...think again.

But on a serious note, don't hit the trails with you fluffy friends unless you are fully prepared. Camping with cats can be fun for both of you but if you are not educated and ready for anything than it can be dangerous. Want to just try out the leash? Click here to check out this article on introducing your indoor cat to the outdoors.