Cats With a Serious Case of The Mondays. May 09 2016, 1 Comment

We all get it, the hard hit of reality on Monday morning. Although can hardly relate, they sure act like they do!

1. That feeling when your alarm goes off Monday AM.

2. Before you drink coffee the struggle is all too real, this cat is wondering if he will make it through the day. 

3. The 'Ugh Susan give it a rest ! It's only 9am, please don't talk to me until after lunch' face.

4. Half awake Monday morning trying to figure out what to wear.

5. Maybe if I hide in here no one will find me....Zzzz.

6.  When the boss calls everyone out for looking half awake, 'WAKE UP'.

7. These office cats have mastered the 'pretending to be getting work done' thing...and they look cute doing it.