Cats Who Own the Sink..and Everything Else if You'd Ask Em. May 06 2016, 0 Comments

I am sorry human, I am unsure what the issue is here. 

Cats have a way of taking over their area. They are big on the whole 'what's yours is mine' thing. Here are a few cats that are taking over a very strange spot in the house. Little do they know that you can turn the sink on and ruin their afternoon! Or maybe they are the type of cat that like water, so in that case you are out of luck. 

1. "Hey turn the light off! I was sleeping!"

2. "I dare you to come closer."

3. "Just one more bed time story Mum..please?"

4. "Don't judge me."

5. "Step away from the sink!"

6. "It's like it was made for must have been."

7. "I am just going to wait here and make sure the human doesn't drown in the shower."