6 Ways Cats Take Care of Their Humans November 19 2014, 4 Comments

1. Hoomins often stare at inanimate objects for hours at a time...it's a cat's duty to break this spell

2. The worst offender of these attention stealing objects is the light box - make sure to sit on it - after all it is warm. 

3. Humans sadly have no hair and use body blankets to keep them warm - so the only obvious solution is to donate fur to these articles. 

4. At night, a cat must curl up on their human's face, otherwise they will freeze to death. 

5. Oddly enough, humans do not use their tongues to clean themselves. It is a cat's duty to clean them every morning, and remind their human that a tongue is a terrible thing to waste!


6. One of the many cat duties include simple house cleaning tasks - like deciding what is clutter and doesn't belong on counters and is better left on the floor!