12 Things All Cat Owners Learn the Hard Way November 18 2014, 4 Comments

1. First thing’s first… you don’t own the cat, the cat owns you.

2. They decide when the conversation is over

3. Travelling is no longer an option

4. Toilet paper becomes a hot commodity

5. And it almost always looks like this when you get home from work....

6. The cat carrier you bought is a useless purchase, because trips to the vet are not worth the fight....so you put up with this nuisance.

7. Doing laundry is also useless..you are NEVER cat hair free. 

8. And you sacrifice wearing the shirt you planned on wearing because it's your cat's bed for the day. 

9. There is no logic

10. This does not excludes their inability to recognize their size

11. And when you are too busy to give them the attention they pretend they don't want, they have no problem telling you that your book or laptop is not important. 

12. But really, you love their sass and shade because it prepares you for the real world.