15 Frosty Felines Ready to Bring on the Spring! March 15 2017, 1 Comment

It's the First Day of Spring! It's time to dig yourselves (and your cats) out of the snow.


flower crown spring cat

Get ready to bask in the warm, blissful rays of the sun and greet the flowers as they fill the air with the sweet perfume of spring.


flower crown cat


O, listen to the birdsong that heralds the dawn of new, green life ... What? Why are you looking at me like that?


rex angry cat garfi

Source: @meetgarfi


"It's still snowing," you say? What do you mean, "There was a blizzard, Harry!" 



... Oh. I've got photos for that! Let's see here ... Ah, yes. Here's a nice collection of frosty felines who are ready to set Mother Nature on "Defrost."



I call this the "You know nothing, Jon Snow" face.



It's all fun and games until someone builds a satirical snowcat that makes you reevaluate your life choices. 



The "It took me 10 minutes to squeeze into all these layers and now I have to pee" face.


cat snowsuit cat bundled up



So much for spring. At least it's still scarf season, I guess.


scarf cat cat scarf



"Maybe the human will stop dressing me in humiliating sweaters."


cat costume dinosaur costume for cats
Good luck with that one, Pillo! Thanks to @glosunpro for the photos!
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"Outside? Never heard of it."


cats bundled up cats in blanket



 Who needs to go outside when you've got the purrfect purrito right here at home?


purrito cats bundled up


The littlest nope to ever nope.


winter cats cats in snow


"Build a snow angel," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. 


snow angel cat grumpy snow cat



Even the biggest of fluffs are ready to be done with all this cold.


cat eared hoodie


Hell has frozen over. And I am in it.


snow cat eared Pouch Sweatshirt




 So ... Are you ready to bring on spring?



meowingtons blizzard cat jacket cat apparel warm cat



Written By: Cortney Licata