13 Adorable Black Cats To Bring You Good Luck This Friday 13th September 13 2019, 12 Comments

If you're superstitious or even just a little stitious, you probably know by now that black cats are a bit like Taylor Swift: they've got a reputation. And unfortunately for black cats, that reputation often precedes them - as undeserved as it may be. As the old saying goes, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path!" And on Friday the 13th, the hype around black cats and their bad luck reputation only intensifies. 

With millions of cats in the U.S., many of them black-furred, we think it’s about time for this silly superstition to skedaddle. In fact, in many cultures, black cats are actually considered good omens, whether it be blessing a ship for safe passage or bringing good luck to a bride on her wedding day. So this Friday the 13th, let’s celebrate our inkiest of felines looking completely adorable! 

1. How can something this cute be bad luck?



2. Avo-CAT-o (alternatively, avogato!)

Photo: Willowthesquishycat


3. Look at this graceful creature. Seriously, black cats are magical. 


4. They can change colors in the sun!  

Photo: Wesley_the_pirate_cat


5. Just listen to her tiny little squeaks and peeps, blessing you with good luck! 

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6. Part squid, part cat, all cute! 

Photo: Chicagoblackcat


7. How about a kitty sneeze to bless your day?


8. World's smallest man in 1956, Henry Behrens, dancing with his black cat! 

9. Nathan is basically a purrmaid - and full of the spirit of adventure! 

Water Aerobics

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10.  To be or not to be? Cat is the question. 

11. Black metal kitty listens only to Mewtallica. 

Photo: tale_of_two_polys


12. How can something this cute be bad luck? Simple: It can't be!


13.  This Le Chat Noir knows he's king of the couch. 

Photo: Instagram


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