13 Cat-O-Lanterns to Inspire Your Pumpkin Carving October 29 2021, 0 Comments

Looking for a fun, feline-safe way to include your cat in the Halloween spirit? Look no further than these cat-o-lanterns! Whether you're carving your cat's fluffy likeness into a bright-orange gourd or decking them out in an adorable pumpkin costume, these cat-o-lanterns are the purrfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. It almost makes me want to go home and carve a kitty pumpkin right meow!

Besides nailing the Cat-O-Lantern, this kitty is slaying in his Count Catula costume

Via Instagram

"Is this really what I look like, hooman?"


"It doesn't capture my purrfect Loaf posture, but I suppose it will do."

"Yes, hooman servant, your offering has pleased me!"

Finally, a jack-o-lantern all cat lovers can relate to.

Seriously. I've never seen a more realistically carved pumpkin.

You could even make a portrait of your favorite feline!


I can't look away ... Not like you have a choice, anyway, when it comes to a cat shoving its butt in your face! 

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And this Jack O'Lantern, inspired by the Great Hoover Beast:



"Do I. have something in my teeth?" - Pumpkin

Halloween Fact: If I fits, I sits, even in a pumpkin. 

Cat-O-Lanterns are a cat's best friend come Halloween.

They offer ideal hiding spots from which to pop out and scare the trick-or-treaters. 

Or, in all honesty, they're the perfect place to hide from trick-or-treaters.


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