10 Things You Didn't Know About The Maine Coon Breed October 10 2016, 9 Comments

The Maine Coon is known as the largest breed of cat in the world.

large maine coon 

The Maine Coon Cat is a native American long-haired cat. There are countless stories and tales about how or where the Maine Coon came about. Their size, fluff, hunting talents and lovable personality make them a cat to  remember. 

Have you ever heard of a Maine Coon Cat before? Here are some interesting facts about this amazing breed.

1. Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat . A male can weigh up to 18 pounds! Pictured below is one of the largest at 28 pounds and four feet long!

maine coon


2. They can have up to 75 different color combinations.

Maine coon cat facts

3. Like dogs, they love social and human interaction. They are loyal, friendly, and get along great with childern and other animals (just not mice).

maine coon facts meowingtons

4. Rather than meowing they chirp. See video below. 

5. They are well suited for the winter. They have long, shaggy fur and large paws that can help them walk on snow. They have extremely bushy tails that can also serve as extra warmth if needed.

maine coon cat facts meowingtons

6. Their fur is water-resistant and can swim well. Most Maine Coons enjoy the water, unlike most domestic cats. 

maine coon facts meowingtons


7. Some Maine Coons are born with 6 toes! "

Early in the breed’s development, Maine Coons were often polydactyls, meaning they were born with extra appendages on their paws. Some experts estimate that as many as 40% of early Maine Coons had this characteristic. It stemmed from a genetic mutation, which some people say helped the cats use their paws as “natural snowshoes” during snowy Maine winters." - 

Susan Grindell MSc, BOptom 

maine coon six toes

8. The longest living cat, although only half Maine Coon, lived to 26 years old ! 

maine coon meowingtons

9. Not surprisingly, Maine Coons were made the Official State Cat of Maine in 1985.

10.  They can be pricey, a typical Maine Coon will coat around $1,000. But as you can tell from all these facts, they can be well worth it! 


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