10 Of The Most Ridiculously Cute Kittens Of 2016 December 28 2016, 6 Comments

This year was full of firsts, lasts, and new beginnings. Our cats have seen it and could also careless. Here are some faces that we loved this year. Here at Meowingtons, we hope 2017 is safe, happy, and healthy - and of course full of kitty headbutts and kisses.

1. This little kitten is already full of SASS.

2. Is that an angel or cat?

3. Seriously? Does it get any cuter? 

4. This little kitty has a few things to say about 2016! 

5. How could you say no to that face? You Can't.

6. I can't handle all that elf cat cuteness.

7. Hey guys, let's make more TUNA in 2017! 

8. I don't know why everyone thinks 2016 was so bad, my year was great! 

9. Those eyes have seen some sights this year, wonder what they will get into this year.

10. Let's not forget about all the love and support they have given us in 2016!