12 Things Every "Crazy Cat Lady" Needs This BLACK FRIDAY November 28 2019, 0 Comments

The time is meow, friends! Black Friday is here, and you’ve held out long enough. It’s time to admit the truth: You’re a crazy cat lady. Say it with me: I’m a crazy cat lady. Feels good, doesn't it?

There is no better time than the present to capitalize on this cat-lady realization, what with the blowout Black Friday deals! Whether you're the crazy cat lady or you need to find the purrfect gift for the cat lady in your life, Meowingtons is here to cater to all your cat lady needs - without breaking your wallet this holiday season!


1. You can't furr-get about your feline friend. You'll both be having sweet dreams with this li'l Sprinkle Cupcake Cat Bed


2. Perch Cat Tree Tower

Provide your cat with the ultimate playtime and naptime experience without sacrificing your home décor!

3. Dad hats aren't just for dads anymore - try Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat on for size. 


4. Whether you're headed to the next cat convention or just want to add a bit of floral feline flair to your outfit, the Floral Garden Headband is purrfect! 

5. Dun, dun. Dun, dun. We’re gonna need a bigger cat - PAWS T-Shirt! 

6. Take your updo to the next level of adorable with the Dainty Cat Hair Clip

7. What's more fun than chasing bubbles? Doing it with your cat! Milton's Catnip Bubbles are a catnip-infused bubble solution is kitty safe and tons of fun to pop! 

Photo thanks to Tino, Meowingtons Ambassador

8. You can never have too many coffee mugs, which is why the Tom Cat Mug is the PUR-fect gift!

Via Instagram

9. Pobody's nerfect! But hey, you're tryin' here! Let the world know with the Shit Together Phone Case!

 Available in Samsung and iPhone models. 

10.  Need a new poster? Try the Privacy Please Cat Poster on for size! 

11. Cats Against Catcalls T-Shirt

The only catcalls we like are when we call our actual cats.

12. You and your cat can twin it to win it with our Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - yes, tiny, purrfectly cat-sized sunglasses.

kitty hippie sunglassesVIA INSTAGRAM

13. Flower Cat Phone Pop

Brighten up your phone with a pop of color - and kitties - with this adorable Flower Cat Phone Pop. And it'll keep your phone in your hand instead of on the floor!