Cats That Look Suspiciously Like Thanksgiving Turkeys November 23 2018, 1 Comment

Whether you're traveling for the holidays or feasting at home, chances are you'll be sharing a turkey with someone come Thanksgiving! But the turkeys aren't going to be the only thing dressed this Thanksgiving. Take these, uh, "turkeys'" word for it. 

Check out these cats who are all dressed up and ready to go for the Thanksgiving feast.

1. This lurkin' turkey lurkey.    

Black Friday shopping is all about c 

2. Look at this perfectly round Butterball.


 3. This hungry cat, who isn't fooling anyone.


4. This Turkey Tom just lookin' for his Turkey Mom. 

Photo: Simplysphynx


 5. This subject of an unfortunate and ill-timed haircut. 


 6. This cat who might literally be a turkey. 

thanksgiving cat meme


 7.  This guy who's just lookin' for the gravy.

thanksgiving cat meme

 8. This cat who can't decide if he's a loaf or a butterball.



thanksgiving cat meme


10. This poultry portrait. 

Photo: BeatriceTicketyboo

 11. This hefty butterball that might need a few more minutes to toast. 

thanksgiving cat meme brown thursday