12 Cats That Are Probably More Adventurous Than You October 11 2017, 3 Comments

What did you do today? Chances are, you spent it the same way I did: planted in front of a screen, phone, laptop, TV, or otherwise. But these brave cats are here to remind us that life's not all about screens. Adventure is out there, cats and kittens. And it's ours to have!

Now, I'm not saying to go all Henry David Thoreau and build a cabin in the woods. But we could learn a thing or two from these adventurous kitties that could give Lewis and Clark a run for their money.   


1. Surf's up!

Photo: kulisurfingcat

2. Hang ten (toe beans, that is!)

Photo: kulisurfingcat

3. Talk about a room with a view.

Photo: boltandkeel

4. The hills are alive with the sounds of mewsic.

Photo: Ganddygram



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 5. Sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days ... 

Photo: burmaadventurecat 

6. Do you ever wonder what's around the river bend?

Photo: sukiicat


7. And can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Photo: siberian_skye


8. I just want to live in a shack by the sea.

Photo: Ganddygram



9. If you're going to travel, do it in style ... 

Photo: diva_s_diary


10. And comfort.

Photos: Sukiicat



 11. It's a good thing Maine Coons come with a built-in snow coat!  

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 12. It's no Everest, but it'll do.

Photo: ganddygram


13. Explore an "alien" world without leaving Earth. 

Photo: Pechanga


14. Make sure to dress for the climate - it gets cold in those canyons at night! 

Photo: siberian_skye


Looking to take your cat on your next adventure? Be sure to be prepared with some tips and tricks to make traveling with your cat safe and fun - for both of you. 


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