10 Cats That Are Absolutely Sleighing Their Christmas Outfits December 13 2019, 1 Comment

These cats didn't come to play, they came to sleigh. These fierce, festive felines are proof that cats don't have to hate costumes. In fact, they can totally and completely slay them ... and slay in them. Look out, mice!  Join us as we journey into a whimsical whisker wonderland! Without further ado, here are some fierce kitties ready to sleigh this holiday season. 

1. Don't furr-get this kitty, dressed as Santa Paws himself! 

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Get the Look: Santa Paws Cat Costume

2. This cat who's ready to pull Santa's sleigh ... if there are enough treats. 

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3. This kitty who's wondering how he's going to toys to all those kids.

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Get the Look: Christmas Santa Cat Hat


4. Or this kitty, who's all dressed up for the howliday party. 

5. Or this sleepy little guy who just can't wait for Santa Paws!  

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6. And this cozy kitty who's happy it's finally sweater weather! 

Via pitterpatterfurryfeet, Instagram

7. Or this Catmas tree, whose whiskers are so lovely. 

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8. And this very fluffy Snowman! 

Via scruffes_fatcat, Instagram


9. And don't furr-get Santa's Little Helper! 

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10. And these very convincing reindeer. 

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