10 Ameowzing "Gotcha Day" Gifts To Celebrate Your Cat May 15 2020, 7 Comments

For many cat owners around the world, instead of celebrating our cat's birthdays, we celebrate their "Gotcha Days", or the day they were adopted (or rescued) and officially welcomed into the family. If you're like us here at Meowingtons, your cat is part of your family, and by celebrating this special day we're celebrating all the joy and happiness they bring into our lives. We're saying thanks - thanks for all their unconditional love, for all the laughter they bring, for each and every little trill and chirp that simply melts your heart, every "biscuit" made by kneading paws and every healing purr ... that's what we're celebrating!

1. A new cat tree.

Cats are natural climbers - they often like to seek height to survey their domain, and cat trees are a great way to give your cat their own purr-sonal space. If your cat likes to watch birds fly by, the Perch Cat Tree Tower is the ideal platform for birdwatching! 

2. A glass of cat wine.

For the feline sommelier who wants a glass of a treat with class - Pinot Meow Cat Wine is the purr-fect fit! An organic, non-alchoholic, catnip-infused beverage so you can drink with your cat ... can you ask for more? 

Also available in a bundle with our white MosCATo cat wineDouble the cat wine, double the fun!  

3. A new type of play experience.

This app-controlled cat toy will satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, while you control the mouse directly from your phone! 


4. A new grooming/massage glove!

Combing or brushing your cat on a daily basis can be an effective way to minimize hairballs, and it can also provide a wonderfully relaxing way to bond with your cat!  



5. A new catnip toy.

Cats (like their humans) can get bored of the same ol' thing, day after day. So it might be time to freshen up their catnip toys! Your cat will be going bananas for our Banana Peel Catnip Toy! Each is individually crafted and hand-stuffed with love and premium, organically grown catnip.  


6. Catnip Bubbles

What's more fun than chasing bubbles? Doing it with your cat. This catnip-infused bubble solution is kitty safe and tons of fun to pop! 


7. A kitty papoose! 

For those kitties that stick to you like glue, this pouch sweater is the purrfect way to take your Velcro kitty with you everywhere you go. 


8. Give your kitty sweet dreams, guaranteed, with a Fruit Tart Cat Bed.

The cutest thing since sliced bread, the Fruit Tart Cat Bed is not only comfy for your cat, but it's completely adorable. No more ugly cardboard boxes!



9. A cute cat costume and Photoshoot might be a fun way to celebrate your kitty's Gotcha Day! 

cowboy cat costumeVIA @MEOWYORKER



10. Or maybe a nice bow tie to spiff up their collar!